Friday, March 2, 2012

Wyatt Earp Movie Suite

Wyatt Earp Movie Suite
Music by James Newton Howard

During the month of March, 2012, we are experiencing the Western's here at Movie Suites. It is befitting that we bring you this 1994 movie suite that reminds us nostalgically of the trials and tribulations of the western expansion as experienced by one notable Law-Man. The orchestra is joined by bagpipes as the strings whisper into the expansive prairies before moving west where the horns and drums rise to meet the majesty of the mountains. Yes, Mr. Newton-Howard shows his chops in this suite that starts with a strong theme that is occasionally revisited, but rarely repeated. As a compostion this music just works like a tone poem or wait for it, symphonic suite? With a timing of 24:58, this is one to enjoy over and over again.  -MJ


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