Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tombstone Movie Suite

Tombstone Movie Suite
Music by Bruce Broughton

An old piano segways into the pulsing march of drums and horns that show us how brutal the old west was before we are taken in by the freedom and majesty that the open west must have felt like to Wyatt Earp and his family. In this 1993 movie suite, Mr. Broughton takes us on a journey of good versus evil, often returning back to a new variation of that pulsing march that feels like we are galloping on horseback ourselves, before sweeping in with the strings to remind us that even in the old west, love played a pivitol role in what happened to those that survived. With a timing of 30:33 this is a classic. Sure hope y'all enjoy!  You also may want to give a listen to the other western movie suite by Mr. Broughton, Silverado, located here:  -MJ


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