Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Patriot Movie Suite

Patriot, The Suite
Music by John Williams

There are times when we hear about another movie suite by Mr. Williams that we may think that he must be whipping up the ussual tried and true music themes that he has often used in so many other motion pictures, that one wonders if we should even bother.  Well, let me tell you that, "YES", we should bother!  In fact this movie suite is filled with so many new, fresh themes that you'll keep checking to see who the composer really is.  This is music that's meant to be heard and enjoyed.  With certainty it carried the motion picture easily upon its shoulders and when listened to the music all by itself, you'll smile as you are taken into the world of The Patriot.  With a timing of 32:03, it is worth spending a piece of your day with as you enjoy it over and over again.  At least I hope you do.  -MJ

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hook The Movie Suite

Hook Suite
Music by John Williams

Filled with energetic themes that take us on a magical, musical journey to a place that exists somewhere between sleep and waking, this movie suite has got the goods.  Mr. Williams put aside his Superman, ET, Star Wars, Indiana Jones musical roots to concieve a new orchestral sound that is still Williams, but it also offers something else that we rarely hear in most movie suites, the unabashed joy of youth. Bound by the constraints of the images on the screen, he still managed to offer us terror, loss, hope and ultimate success. With a timing of 27:54, I imagine that you should enjoy this movie suite again and again!  -MJ

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Alamo (1960) Movie Suite

Alamo, The Suite (1960)
Music by Dmitri Tiomkin

The sacrifices of those souls who've died in battle, lives on in the music of the classic movies. As ussual, we are not here to discuss the merits of the classic film, but to share the score that lifted the performances of the actors to legends in their own right. Mr. Tiomkin was a mainstay composer of the Hollywood movies of the late 40's, right up into the 60's and is well known for the music on classics such as: It's A Wonderful Life, High Noon and this picture, The Alamo. In this case the movie suite serves this music well, since much of it is hidden among the dialogue and action backdrop throughout the movie. The main theme, known as the Green Leaves of Summer is carried by an accordian merging with the strings of the orchestra, while the Davy Crockett and Alamo themes work together to form a perfectly wonderful movie suite that is both uplifting and memorable. With a timing of 18:23 it's a bit short but only because you are left wanting more. I will bring more of Mr. Tiomkin because I know you'll enjoy this.  -MJ

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Alamo the Movie Suite

Alamo, The Suite
Music by Carter Burwell

In an attempt to offer movie suites that cover every imaginable style of music, we have a unique offering here that is part symphonic, part march, part folksie and completely engaging. Also this is the first visit of Mr. Burwell, so we'll tread lightly in his honor. This movie suite is much different than the 1960 version, but that's not a bad thing.  Filled with emotion, there is a singular message here as we march from the beginning to the fitting conclusion.  Along the way we're to visit the hopeless situation of war and death and the determination of a few men who stand to make a difference.  The main theme flirts in and out of the music, a simple yet heartfelt motif that inspires us. As the final horns sing we are reminded that we only have one shot to make a difference, so it may as well be now. At least that's how I feel. With a timing of 21:55, you may want to check this out, because you just might enjoy it.  -MJ

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