Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Matrix Reloaded Movie Suite

The Matrix Reloaded Suite
Music by Don Davis

The second installment of this cult classic finds Don Davis continuing with what themes seemed to work so well in the original while he brings in the addition of choral in the mix. The results is euphoric and driven just like the movie that it represents. This score was not easy to locate, so I can bet that the only time most of us heard this music was when we last watched.

I hope you enjoy this movie suite. My next post will be the last and final Matrix Episode. After that we'll see. -MJ

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Until next time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Matrix Movie Suite

The Matrix Suite
Music by Don Davis

Sure, the Matrix is a very unique motion picture. Most of the music is electronic and acid rock, but Don Davis was still able to effectively control the mood with the little bit of scoring that he did. The anticipation and spaciousness of this music will invoke the possibilities that the Matrix presents to us all. This is the first of a three suite trilogy that I will be offering here. Hope that you enjoy. -MJ



Thursday, April 16, 2009

13th Warrior Movie Suite

13th Warrior Suite
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

One of the most prolific composers for the movies, Jerry Goldsmith was in his later years when he scored The 13th Warrior for his friend and the co-producer Micheal Crichton.

With a mix of middle eastern themes that start out at the beginning, but return frequently and the powerful thunder of the norsemen's power themes, this suite will enthrall you. Let me know what you think. -MJ

APE Files:

Welcome movie suite lovers.

Well, this is my first post as a blogger. Since I've borrowed plenty of other's hard work through the years and never gave much of anything back in return, I have decided it's about time to gave something back. In other words this is my penance.

The thought that there were other souls existing on this blue planet of life, who made and listened to Movie Suites*, was astonishing. It turns out, that there are lots of us out there and we love the music that goes along with motion pictures. Although not a trained musician, my involvement with music for many years has led to the understanding that some of us do have a golden ear. Okay, at least yours truly can hear things that other people don't. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad, but at the very least it helps show the way.

Okay, enough yada, yada, yada...lets start posting some tunes!

Remember after you listen to these movie suites, if you love the music, buy the music. After all if we don't buy it, it will go away.

It my sincere wish that you enjoy what is left on this blog. Please let me know.