Wednesday, March 28, 2012

John Carter Movie Suite

John Carter Movie Suite
Music by Michael Giacchino

This action-adventure (or is it a sci-fi adventure?) movie suite is filled with all the makings of another success for Mr. Giacchino. The Academy Award winning composer has pulled out all the stops with a huge orchestra, a smattering of choral voices, as well as the occasional synthesizer. The main theme doesn't even start until after the first 5 minutes, but once underway the music reminds me of Horner with the oohs and ahs, Broughton with the swirling strings and even Giacchino's Star Trek, but don't get me wrong, he has crafted a new and vivid soundscape that translated well into a movie suite. With a timing of 29:42 this is great enjoyment. When can we expect a sequel?? -MJ



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malony said...

Great work, thank you!!