Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gods And Generals Movie Suite

Gods And Generals Suite
Music by Randy Edelman; John Frizzell

Speaking of "epic"! The American Civil War was an an event that helped shape the USA into what it is today.  Many fine motion pictures have inspired many to create those significant moments for us to experience and of course, the accompanying scores also come with inspirational messages all of their own.  First we have a lone violin that is answered by a single clarinet before the main theme kicks in, the strings soaring.  As the snare drums kick in we know for certain that this movie suite is about war!  Once the subdued choral voices announce the start of a lone piano before they mix together with the orchestra. Ending with a lone piano, this is a solemn yet touching work and if you've never heard it, you are missing something quite special.  With a timing of 24:45, I hope you'll enjoy.  -MJ



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