Friday, July 2, 2010

North And South Movie Suite

North and South Suite
Music by Bill Conti

Still keeping with our Civil War theme, we have another movie suite taken from the landmark, television mini-series.  Better known for his other works such as the Rocky theme, Mr. Conti was given the task of scoring countless hours to accompany the drama and on-screen action of this Civil War epic.  The main theme grabs our attention before spinning off into a steady myriad of contortions.  Maybe a bit repetitious, the variety is grand in scale while putting us into the mix of war with some thunderous drums and gallant horns to pick us up. This is such great music, no doubt you will find yourself humming it long after the movie suite ends. It still feels like a work in progress, due in no small part to all of the available music.  Please understand that it was difficult to keep this suite at a reasonable length, yet the timing ended up at 40:03, probably my longest (okay I looked and Avatar is my longest @ 43:51), which of course I still hope you enjoy it. Enjoy!!  -MJ 



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