Friday, July 2, 2010

Gone With The Wind Movie Suites

Gone With The Wind (Original) Suite
Music by Max Steiner

Sticking with our Civil War Epics, I have a treat for you that is unique.  When you think of movies or epic motion pictures or the Civil War, you can't help but think of "Gone With The Wind". This music is well-known, almost as much as the film, but listening to the score reminds us of the limitations of when it was made.  The first movie suite is from the original 1941 score, which was cleaned up and remastered into stereo, but I warn you that there are numerous artifacts like hiss that are present.  Also the cues did not gel into a real composition but we still have something that resembles a movie suite. With a timing of only 14:40, go ahead and give it a listen. Enjoy!  -MJ


Gone With The Wind Suite
Music by Max Steiner

The clarity and sound of this digitally pristine score was painstakingly generated by Charles Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009.  It recreates the sound with a realism that easily surpasses the original in every way while retaining Max Steiners true intent. Certainly if he were here to listen, he would approve.  With a timing of 25:03, I think that you'll definitely enjoy this, too!  -MJ



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