Thursday, July 1, 2010

Glory Movie Suite

Glory Suite
Music by James Horner

This unusual Civil War movie suite comes to us from the pen of James Horner who has taken an unusual approach by putting us into the middle of the emotional impact of the motion picture. Beginning with a subdued gospel choir, the quiet strings of the main theme creep up on us before the music is underscored by the steady beating of the drums as we are shakenly reminded that war is bloody hell. The timbre of the voices along with the strength of the orchestra is haunting, yet strangely familiar to Horner fans.  Normally I do not go for choral works in movie suites, but when the voices are integral as another group of orchestral instruments the results are glorious (pun intended). With a timing of exactly 24:00, when you experience this, I know that you'll enjoy.  -MJ




Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up? Would love to listen to this one!

Sir Malcolm James said...

I have re-upped for your listening pleasure! Hope you enjoy! -MJ

Anonymous said...

Thanx a million!!