Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Movie Suite

 Sherlock Holmes Suite
Music by Hans Zimmer

This recent 2010 movie score is another one of those that breaks new ground in sound while taking you for an enjoyable ride. One theme is begun and then it is methodically replayed, first this way, then that way. You'd think that this would become boring, but instead it seems new and alive, full of invigorating richness. How Mr. Zimmer keeps coming up with these new scores is beyond me, but I'll continue to offer his movie suites as long as he keeps them coming. With a timing of just under 18 minutes, I hope you enjoy. -MJ




Anonymous said...

No longer available :(

Sir Malcolm James said...

Well, well. Looks as if the Movie Suite Police ar hard at work with copyright infringement, which of course, this is not! I have updated the links, but who knows how long that will last. As they say, get it while it is hot!