Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Hawk Down Movie Suite

 Black Hawk Down Suite
Music by Hans Zimmer

Continuing the trend with Mr. Zimmer, please accept this offer for the movie suite from the motion picture score of Black Hawk Down. Without discussing the politics of this film, the music puts us into the middle of a strangely exciting world of middle easterm themes and instruments. Synthesizers hum as electric guitars pressure the very air we breath, while we experience the tension created by this outer vision of sound. Is this the best score by Hans Zimmer? Many will argue "yes", but I can't say. It certainly is powerful. Oh yeah, in case I failed to mention it, this takes multiple listening to really "get" it! With a timing of 26 and a half minutes, I hope you'll enjoy this one, too. -MJ




fm372 said...

I love this Suite (Black Hawk Down) but unfortunately there is something wrong with the sound volume for a minute in the beginning, between 0:42 and 1:40.

Are you aware of it? Is it possible to fix it?

Best regards, Frank

Sir Malcolm James said...

There was an anomoly with the volume at the beginning of this movie suite. It has been corrected and the links have been re-upped. Sorry about that. Thanks to the person who pointed it out.