Monday, November 8, 2010

Hidalgo Movie Suite

Hidalgo Suite
Music by James Newton Howard

In an interesting change of scenery, we have a short movie suite here from Mr. Howard that crosses the lines of musicality.  Filled with basic sounds such as beating drums, single lutes, as well as Arabic pipes, this music does a wonderful job of setting the time of the late 1800's and place of the Arabian desert for this motion picture. Still the orchestra is represented in such a way as to cause one to reflect upon how all the different ethnic music of the past world can be combined to entertain us today.  Emotionally, this movie suite is mostly about the race to the finish with some short pauses along the way for a man and his horse, so this music may not be for everyone.  Yet, if you are a fan of motion picture scores, with a running time of only 14:14, you should take the few minutes that this runs and give it a listen.  Who knows, you just might enjoy it. I know, that I do!  -MJ

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