Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Patriot Movie Suite

Patriot, The Suite
Music by John Williams

There are times when we hear about another movie suite by Mr. Williams that we may think that he must be whipping up the ussual tried and true music themes that he has often used in so many other motion pictures, that one wonders if we should even bother.  Well, let me tell you that, "YES", we should bother!  In fact this movie suite is filled with so many new, fresh themes that you'll keep checking to see who the composer really is.  This is music that's meant to be heard and enjoyed.  With certainty it carried the motion picture easily upon its shoulders and when listened to the music all by itself, you'll smile as you are taken into the world of The Patriot.  With a timing of 32:03, it is worth spending a piece of your day with as you enjoy it over and over again.  At least I hope you do.  -MJ

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