Friday, November 19, 2010

Van Helsing Movie Suite

Van Helsing Suite
Music by Alan Silvestri

Although this is too late for Halloween, it is a full-bloodied, featured movie suite by Mr. Silvstri that does not rest on its laurels but comes out swinging with a bold statement.  Well utilized drums beat the charge of the dark avenger as one chases towards a fate worse than death, while the horns of dispair hang around your head.  Is it time yet?  Listening intently, you'll hear the whispering notes of the full orchestra as it swirls around you, heedless of the dangers ahead. You can't stop, you must go on, so the music presses us forward. After only 20:39 it will be all over. Hopefully when you pause to breathe, you'll realize that you enjoyed this one, too.  -MJ

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