Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Young Sherlock Holmes Movie Suite

Young Sherlock Holmes Suite
Music by Bruce Broughton

In in a single note, or phrase, or nuance, one can tell greatness. It stands out simply because it exists while overshadowing all the others.  Mr. Broughton gives us his very best work to date in this movie suite.  There is so much music in the score, that this is the third incarnation for this suite and it is finally ready for consumption.  There are other versions of this suite floating around out there, but with a complete timing of 28:10 this one follows the storyline of the motion picture, faithfully merging the choral voices and orchestra on the way to the conclusion.  I really believe that this will be one of your favorites once you give it a listen. Enjoy!  -MJ

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Patricia said...

Sir Mal, thanks for this lead. Young Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite movies ever and I try to see it once a year. But I didn't have the soundtrack, or better yet the Suite. Beautiful cheerful boy adventure music mixed with some Carmina Burana inspired chant...it rocks.

Sir Malcolm James said...

Of course, you are very welcome. Hope you enjoy! -MJ