Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gangs Of New York Movie Suite

Gangs of New York Suite
Music by Howard Shore; Peter Gabriel

Once upon a time a team of composers scored a motion picture that was filled with the interesting sound of electric guitars, droning bagpipes, sexy string motifs and just about anything else found laying around.  The resulting movie suite is presented here in all its gloriousness and insane musicality. My biggest complaint is that there should have been more to share, but this is all there is, except for some vocal selections and short folk dances, that did not belong in an orchestral suite.  Some may ask, "what about the guitar work, why does that belong?" You'll have to ask either Mr. Shore or Mr. Gabriel for that answer.  With a timing of just 13:20, this is fun and interestingly entertaining.  Hope you enjoy!  -MJ



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