Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Age Of Innocence Movie Suite

Age of Innocence, The Suite
Music by Elmer Bernstein

Since we seem to be in a New York state of mind, here is another movie suite from a motion picture that takes place in another time and place; a time of elegance, innocence and a place that was growing into a world class city of distinction.  This is the first suite we'll call: Soft n Cuddly (SnC)!  Mr. Berstein took a softer approach with flowing waltzes and softly rising strings to paint a passionate picture of Love found, Love attempted and Love lost, with a hope filled climax that get's one going to do it all over again. There are many other SnC movie suites floating around which we will get to as time allows.  Put this on some Sunday morning during brunch or whenever you want to relax (I don't mean sleep) to some excellent movie music. With a timing of 22:59, I hope that you'll enjoy.  -MJ



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