Monday, April 26, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Movie Suite

Alice In Wonderland Suite
Music by Danny Elfman

The movie suite from this fresh release certainly tested my meddle.  As a lover of orchestral music, the addition of choral voices raised in song, chant or support rarely excites Sir Malcolm, so when he was working on this movie suite it was with some measure of frustration.  It was perplexing. Should all of the voices be edited away or should I leave the voices as the composer meant to be heard?  Of course there are many instances when the voices must stay in the music, most recently, Avatar immediately comes to mind, as well as so many others.  Unfortunately, for some reason Mr. Elfman's use of voice and choral in this work, seemed as if it were added as an afterthought.  Only he knows for certain, and the two of us haven't been speaking as of late, so after a long and tedious attempt to remove the voices, here is the movie suite for Alice In Wonderland with the voices intact.  Just as it should be.  There are some wonderfully catchy themes throughout that beg you to hum along with, even long after the music has stopped playing. With a timing of 29:12, you'll be humming "ALICE" long afterwards, too! Hope you enjoy!  -MJ



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