Monday, April 12, 2010

The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie Suite - Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean I Suite
Music by Klaus Badelt

Here's another trilogy of excellent movie music.  The swashbuckling exploits of Jack the Pirate come to us in this hard driving movie suite that is filled with side splitting riffs as well as some tender moments of mishandled love.  Mr. Badelt did himself proud with this music and we're glad he did, since the main theme not only helps carry the movie, but it is inspiring as well as memorable.  Although the main theme doesn't appear until almost 9:00 minutes in, it is obviously composed of bits of what you've been hearing already and will continue to hear as this roars to its eventual end.  Great work Klaus, we applaud you.  With a timing of 19:11 don't forget that this is just the first movie suite of the trilogy. Enjoy it!  -MJ


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