Monday, April 12, 2010

Dead Man's Chest Movie Suite - Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean II Suite
Music by Hans Zimmer

From the beginning notes of the lone fiddle (violin?) building into the full orchestra along with the help of an amped-up electric guitar and chorus of raised voices, there is no doubt that Mr. Zimmer has taken the reins of this sequel and filled it with his own private relishes.  Although this sounds similar to the first music suite, it shares little with it.  Bombastic throughout the entirety, we race along until suddenly it abruptly stops. Whoa there, what happened?  Where did the music suite go?  I guess they want you to listen to the last music suite for the ending.  Hopefully we'll have that for your enjoyment very soon.  With a timing of 20:52 this is not the most thematic compositionally by this composer, but it's alot of fun.  I hope you enjoy.  -MJ



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