Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Great Train Robbery Movie Suite

Great Train Robbery, The Suite
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

For once, we are going to go back and discuss a wonderful movie suite that has graced the files of my hard-drive for awhile now. When this movie came out in 1979, I saw it on the big screen and was thrilled with the way the music was so integral to the action. As soon as possible, the vinyl LP was added to my collection and once I began putting movie suites to cassette, this one was one of the first.  Unfortunately, the CD for this was not easy to locate, but recently it was found.  With a spunky attitude that is at once upbeat and a bit quirky, Mr. Goldsmith blended a quasi-gaslight sound of the horns with orchestral bliss that seems to work.  The cello riff that makes up the main theme is catchy and as you hear it throughout, you'll have a hard time getting it out of your head.  With a timing of  22:11, I certainly hope you'll enjoy this one, too.  -MJ



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