Sunday, March 7, 2010

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Movie Suite

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Suite
Music by Michael Kamen

We go back to 1991 for the second movie suite in row with the music offered by Mr. Kamen.  Scoring for an action packed love story, he seemed determined to offer his listeners a memorable main theme that they could remember easily.  This theme became the basis which he resonated successfully throughout the movie in one form or another.  Other sub-themes round out the the score and we have an enjoyable movie suite with a timing of just 23:23.  Enjoy!  -MJ



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Its great because i don't really like the way the album is set out, with its really long track lengths, i prefer shorter track lengths so it gets right into the action, and dose not drag on or have to many "filler music" moments, but this suites, takes all the great music from the album and leaves any "filler music" out taking the whole robin hood experience into one exciting track i can leave on repeat. Thank you! P.S Kamen was amazing and so is this score!! :)