Sunday, March 28, 2010

Krull The Movie Suite

Krull Suite
Music by James Horner

Once the horns begin to announce their intent one takes notice of this music suite just as the sweeping strings pull us along. Soon the main theme kicks in and from now on we rarely lose sight of this catchy phrase as we rush headlong into the quest. At first you think that this is new and different, but suddenly you are presented with a bit of familiar; hasn't Mr. Horner used this to great extent before?  Okay, there are portions of this that are eerily similar to James Horner's masterpeice, Star Trek II Wrath of Kahn. Playing the devil's advocate here, I defend our illustrious composer by simply saying, what we hear is just his signature. Period.  Now let's move on.  Ok?  With a timing of 35:25 we have a rather long, but very enjoyable movie suite from 1983.  I hope you enjoy this classic!  -MJ



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