Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Knight Movie Suite

First Knight Suite
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

From the first rising notes of the lone trumpet as it builds into a regal fanfare, it is obvious that this music suite is fit for a King.  Once the rest of the orchestra kicks in, we are taken on a short ride through moments of love gained and lost, friendship sealed and broken as well as a few battle sequences.  With the trumpets taking the lead throughout, we get a longing for a better time and place such as the age of King Arthur.  At the finale the choir brings the final grasp at something unseen, leaving us with the notes of hope.  Many did not see this movie, so they probably missed this excellent music by Mr. Goldsmith.  If you have ever heard his work and like it, you'll like this too! The timing comes in at just 18:40. Hope you enjoy.  -MJ



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