Friday, March 5, 2010

Highlander Movie Suite

Highlander Suite
Music by Michael Kamen

Often times, a movie takes on a life of its own by sometimes becoming a "cult" classic that surpasses the actual material as it was delivered.  The motion picture score for the first of the Highlander movies was a monumental task that brought Michael Kamen into the fold with the legendary rock band Queen to support a movie that since it's release has become the epitome of "cult" movies.  It's true that there are some amazing jewels in the songs performed by Queen, but if you ask, many believe that the real gem is the score.  Sweeping in majesty it is filled with lyrical themes that beg to be safely collected into a movie suite that is simply awesome (sorry for the use of such an awesome adjective) to hear. With a timing of just over 25 minutes, you may notice that there is some hiss to the sound.  Unfortunately, the original analog tapes have not survived in a form that transferred well into the digital world.  Every version was checked and tested for quality and what you hear is the best that can be found.  Until Mr. Kamen decides to re-record this, this will have to do.  I hope you enjoy!  -MJ



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