Friday, July 5, 2013

Spartacus The Movie Suites

Spartacus Movie Suite
Music by Alex North

These classic movie suites from 1960 start out with a flourish of horns before swirling into a mix of sustained chaos. Of course, the chaos is quite controlled as we follow along as one man challenges authority and the evils of slavery in ancient Rome. This motion picture has a running time of 197 minutes, that's right 3 hours 17 minutes, so the amount of orchestral themes and cues to sift through was daunting. What we ended up with are two suites, with the first suite ending with the intermission music, with a timing of 31:13 for Suite One and 27:26 for Suite Two. This is classic movie music at its best, so I hope you enjoy these.  -MJ

Suite One

Suite Two

Suite One

Suite Two

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Anonymous said...

A big thank you, I adore this movie and its magnificent score. We have here a new perspective to enjoy it !!