Friday, June 14, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Suite

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Suite
Music by Michael Giacchino

In this recent 2013 movie suite, we are given another schooling by Mr. Giacchino on how to write some great music to accompany an action packed science fiction, motion picture. With a few nods to Alexander Courage (who wrote the original theme for the TV show), we are swept along at a fantastic pace that never lets up. Not too much percussion like some other composers of late, nor too much synthesizer, but a great mix of instruments to achieve the desired sound. With a timing of 23:49, it is over way too soon. Enjoy it while you can still get it.  -MJ



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Bob said...

Really LOVE the suites. All the important music of a movie brought down to manageable size without the "filler" needed to move from scene to scene.