Monday, July 22, 2013

Man Of Steel Movie Suite

Man Of Steel Suite
Music by Hans Zimmer

We have a recent movie suite from the 2013 blockbuster about Superman. Phew! There is no doubt that Mr. Zimmer put his heart and soul into this music. It is dripping with themes that paint a landscape of other worldly places and fantastic times. His usage of drum orchestras and percussion that he has combined with a myriad of synthesizer as well as even some orchestral flourishes bring us into his world, if only for a short time. This movie suite is the State-Of-The-Art for current composers. As the behemoths of the movie soundtrack business, such as John Williams, James Horner, John Scott and their compadres retire or simply fade away, we are left with the vision of Hans Zimmer. Let's embrace the new as we remember the old. With a timing of 24:57, it is safe to say that this music will give you enjoyment for many years to come.  -MJ



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