Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MacArthur Movie Suite

MacArthur Movie Suite
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

It may seem like Jerry Goldsmith was the go-to composer for the War Picture genre. It also may be that his work is easier to get access to since he was so well liked. When performed today, the highlights of this motion picture score is often played hand in hand with the Patton score because of the similarity of the theme, but this music is much different than the Patton music in so many ways.  Starting with the expected drums, we quickly experience the horns of the main theme, known as the MacArthur march that infrequently winds in and out of the suite to our delight. Early on we experience a sense of foreboding, but it is exuberantly replaced with more percussion and horns to carry us towards the fitting conclusion. With a timing of 18:53 we present to you the MacArthur movie suite in it's entirety. I hope you enjoy it.  -MJ



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