Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Escape, The Suite

Great Escape, The Suite
Music by Elmer Bernstein

Talk about well-known!  The march from this 1963 movie suite helped define exactly what the music from a War picture should sound like.  No doubt, you will probably recognize the march instantly, but listen to the entire suite so you can enjoy the different versions as Mr. Bernstein teases us with bits and pieces of the march throughout the suite. Taking us along with the starts and stops of escaping WWII prisoners of war, there is an ever increasing level of tension that concludes with the final installment of the march.  With a timing of 33:27, this is longer than expected, but well worth the time. I hope you enjoy.  MJ




Whibe said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this blog ! Exactly what I was looking for, you did an amazing job !

Sir Malcolm James said...

You are welcome. Movie suites are a passion of mine, and I am happy to share.