Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dirty Dozen, The Movie Suite

The Dirty Dozen Suite
Music by Frank De Vol

Distinctively different from any of the other War Picture Suites, there is a strained note of seriousness in this music that can't be ignored as the opening drums mark the beginning of this movie suite from 1967. Utilizing plenty of percussion thoughout, we are never able to forget that this is the music of a war picture, even when things lighten up for a a few cues, when we hear the familiar tune, "In The Army Now", as it weaves in and out of the suite. About half way through the drums return to signal the final phase of the suite when we are reminded that the results of war are never quite as we hope.  With a timing of 25:24, this passes by before you even realize it. Hope you enjoy!  -MJ



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