Monday, September 28, 2009

Stargate Movie Suite

Stargate Suite
Music by David Arnold

Filling the void produced by yet another science fiction feature, the composer brought forth an energetic motion picture score that is filled with surging strings and heavenly voices that melt into an uplifting and rousing movie suite that can only be called excellent.

Never a fan of Mr. Arnold, I give him kudos for this music. He has certainly brought me over to his side because he has had loads of fun with this and so should you. It is a good thing not to take some movies too seriously. While watching the movie, much of the music is lost in the action on-screen, so when I came across this soundtrack, I was surprised to find some wonderful themes that can easily stand on their own. With a timing of 33 plus minutes, it is a bit longer than the norm (Is there a norm??). As always, I hope that you enjoy. -MJ



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