Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lord of The RIngs - Return of The King Movie Suite

Lord of The Rings - 
Return of The King Suite
Music by Howard Shore

The majesty of this motion picture score is sometimes overwhelming. Mr. Shore expands on his previous themes from the earlier scores and closes the book on this fine example of an epic film saga. The timing of this movie suite sits at almost 25 minutes. And you may ask, should it have been longer, considering the amount of the original score with over three full hours. You listen. You decide. And as always, I hope you enjoy! -MJ



Anonymous said...

Hello I really enjoy your suite and i was wondering if you can repost or make new links to the LOTR series as i am a huge fan of Howard Shores score and it would be a real treat if you could make a dropbox link or send it to my email at Thank you much apreciated and keep on doing what your doing man cause its awesome

Sir Malcolm James said...

The links have been updated to dropbox for you. Thanks for asking. MJ