Friday, October 25, 2013

Harry Potter Symphony - Movement # 4

Harry Potter Symphony - Movement # 4
Music by Alexandre Desplat

In this the fourth movement of the HPS (Harry Potter Symphony) we have entitled: The Deathly Hollows, with scoring by Mr. Desplat who finishes the Symphony with a twisting, turning, flash of brilliance. The music fills one with dread and hope as we are taken into the final throes of good vs. evil, which is a fitting conclusion to our journey with Harry and the Wizarding World. With a timing of 22:10 it is my hope that you enjoyed your listening journey, too. -MJ

Note: We have a secret password for these files and also note that we offer FLAC and MP3-320.

HPS Movement # 4 The Deathly Hollows



Pass: we-Score-9

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