Friday, October 25, 2013

Harry Potter Symphony - Movement # 1

Harry Potter Symphony - Movement # 1
Music by John Williams

In a singular moment, it became apparent that although there are numerous H.P. compilations floating around out there on the cloud, it occurred to me that there was nothing that brought the score highlights of H.P. from beginning to end. This then is a tribute to all of the Harry Potter Scores as well as the motion pictures that will be enjoyed for many, many years to come. Presented here is the Harry Potter Symphony with a total timing of 1:39:58. True it is not actually a movie suite, but it is close enough to share! I hope you enjoy.  -MJ

In the first movement of the HPS (Harry Potter Symphony) we have entitled: Sorcerers and Chambers, with the music composed by Mr. Williams. He introduced us to the simple yet effective Hedwig's Theme that you will hear throughout all of the movements so it is fitting that we begin at the beginning. With a timing of 28:16 this whirls us into the Wizarding World quite nicely, thank you.

Note: We have a secret password for these files and also note that we offer FLAC and MP3-320.

HPS - Movement # 1 - Sorcerers and Chambers


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