Monday, May 20, 2013

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Movie Suite

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Movie Suite
Music by John Williams

Again, we have another movie suite by Mr. Williams that he composed in 1977 which is very different than his usual approach with themes and motifs for individuals. Sure we all are familiar with the 5 note motif that surfaces late in the suite, but much of this suite is designed to build up to the final conclusion and because of that, most of the score was, well, mood music. Sure it worked great, but as a composition in its own right, well we had to do some tweaking to satisfy. With a timing of only 18:06, this is over quickly. But afterwards you'll be enjoying the thought of this suite for hours.  -MJ



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Bob said...

Thanks again.
The "feel" of this movie's music is similar to "Jaws" for me.
As you say, mood music.