Friday, July 13, 2012

Prometheus Movie Suite

Prometheus Movie Suite
Music by Marc Streitenfeld

On the wings of an unprecedented opening, this current 2012 movie suite was composed by Mr. Streitenfeld, a very busy man from the look of his latest movie credits. This score was filled with eerie sounds and drastic effects as part of its fabric. After tearing away those extraneous sounds, we are left with a haunting soundscape filled with hopeful syntheziser, subtle voices and muted orchestral cues that make you stop what you're doing to listen. To say that there are moments when this reminds me of Goldsmith and the first Alien movie suite, would be true, but more because of the actual feel of the sound and not from the actual musical notes. With a timing of 18:32, I hope you enjoy this in a lonely, dark room for maximum effect.  -MJ



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