Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Captain Blood Movie Suite

Captain Blood Suite
Music by Erich Korngold

The main theme to this 1935 movie suite used to be a well-known staple on the concert scene for many Philharmonic's, but with so many other recent movie themes, it has fallen away with the sounds of the past. Mr. Korngold was one of the fathers of the movie suite as we now know it, so it seems fitting that when you listen to this masterwork that it sounds so similar to many others that have come since; Goldsmith, Horner, Williams, and even Poledorus. Of course, we must remember, Mr. Korngold came first, all those others took what he began to mature the art of movie music. The swashbuckling action themes and swirling strings of the love themes intermesh as we are drawn into the world of Captain Blood, if only for a brief timing of 12:26. Add this one to your library and enjoy for many years to come.  -MJ

PS- The source CD for this came from an ancient analog source digitally remastered in stereo. Until I find something better, I hope this will do for now.  -MJ



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malony said...

Stunningly Beautiful !!! This music created the template for all the others in the genre.
Many Thanks !!!