Friday, February 17, 2012

Ben Hur Movie Suite

Ben Hur Movie Suites
Music by Miklos Rozsa

Although this classic movie score hails from 1959, the themes are timelessly etched into the framework of movie soundtrack history. Considered by many experts as the very best movie music ever to accompany a motion picture, these suites have so much to be discovered. Of course, we will not debate the merits of either suite, other than to say if you are un-familiar with these famous themes, then this is the best way to listen. Hours and hours of music has been carefully crafted into two orchestral compositions with Part 1 relating the early years of Ben Hur filled with introductions and ending on a slave galley, with a timing of 22:41. Part 2 brings us the second life of Ben Hur as a Roman, with the triumpant march into Rome, the chariot races with the endless fan-fares and concluding with the miracle. With a timing of 23:27, I really hope you enjoy these wonderful works.  -MJ


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