Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Titanic Movie Suite

Titanic Movie Suite
Music by James Horner

Taking this award winning score and converting it into a movie suite has proved to be both difficult and oh so much fun. Mr. Horner utilized synthisizers peppered with choral voices as well as haunting Celtic pipes to evoke the majesty of his masterpiece, keeping the orchestra in the background unless it was required for dramatic effect. Add to the fact that the daunting amount of music composed for this epic spans many hours of content, you can imagine the creative genius we were faced with here. Still, nothing worth doing is going to be easy, so what we end up with is a rather large movie suite with a current timing of 35:48 that is mostly orchestral in nature, yet still has plenty of choral voices and synthetic cues that were necessary to complete the fluidity of the composition. This is one suite that needs to be listened to and enjoyed.  -MJ


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