Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taras Bulba Movie Suite

Taras Bulba Movie Suite
Music by Franz Waxman

Although this movie suite is from 1962, it brings a well connected composition to the party that is both timeless and thoroughly enjoyable. Once you listen to this, it is virtually impossible to get the "Riding Theme" out of your head, yet my research tells me that this movie was a dramatic love story first, action flick second. Well, if the music is any indication, the historians may have it reversed. Flowing from the opening notes, there are many tender moments, but they tend to bridge the action together cohesively. Nominated for an Academy Award for best score, the timing of this movie suite is at 28:36, not too long, nor to short, it falls in that sweet spot for listening. I hope you enjoy this classic.  -MJ


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