Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon Movie Suite

Transformers 3 - Dark of The Moon Suite
Music by Steve Jablonsky

The latest Transformers is a sonic blockbuster, filled with aggressive themes, tweaked synthesizers, powerful percussion as well as a few dramatic moments to allow the listener to rest before the final juggernaut.  This is our first movie suite by Mr. Jablonsky, who earned his composer chops on many lesser known motion pictures since the early days of this century and some better known television scores. I promise that this will not be the final suite from him either, since we will be showcasing his work from the earlier Transformer pictures as well as a some others. With a timing of 30:40 this suite will leave you breathless, in a good way!  Hope you enjoy. -MJ



Anonymous said...

Transformers 3 Suite APE File is not available at fileserve, only the mp3 version.

Sir Malcolm James said...

Sorry about that, it is the DMCA Squad that keeps deleting. I have re-upped. I will continue to monitor for future deletes. -MJ