Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super 8 Movie Suite

Super 8 Suite
Music by Micael Giacchino

We have a recent blockbuster with a catchy main theme that you just can't stop humming.  Add to that the foreboding cues that accompany any mysterious Alien to the screen and we have a movie suite that is newly exciting yet sounds like a throwback to the 80's.  Mr. Giacchino has become one prolific composer in the last couple of years.  With an Oscar nod for his score in Up, to his latest rendition of the Star Trek franchise, he has shown his chops over and over again. Some say he has borrowed ideas from previous composers for the Super 8 score from the likes of John Williams, Grame Revell and others, but that may be jealousy talking because the final product is entertaining, energetic as well as enlightening.  What more could anyone ask of a movie suite?  With a timing of  33:46, it seems much quicker than it is and as always, I hope you enjoy.  -MJ


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