Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean IV - On Stranger Tides Movie Suite

Pirates of the Caribbean IV - On Stranger Tides
Music by Hans Zimmer

With a nod to the previous versions, this movie suite from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean brings us back to the powerful themes and repetitious action cues that we've learned to expect from Mr. Zimmer.  At this point in his career, the composer still uses synthesizers while adding a complete orchestra as well as a choir of voices to give us a sonic experience unlike most other composers. With many thematic cues written by Rodrigo y Gabriela, there is a distinctively Spanish feel to this music, with the use of Spanish guitars and yet we have elected to keep his participation in the movie suite to a minimum.  With a timing of just 17:54, this fits in nicely with the previous Pirates' movie suites. Until Pirates of the Caribbean number five is released, I hope you enjoy.  -MJ



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