Sunday, January 30, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Movie Suite, Part 1

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Suite Part 1
Music by Alexandre Desplat

When it was announced that Alexandre Desplat had been chosen to orchestrate the latest Harry Potter franchise, it was very disappointing news. Simply put, most of his other motion picture scores are barely listenable mood music, so due to that, his other scores have not become movie suites.  Believe me, although Mr. Desplat is an excellent music technician, his minimalistic approach at creating the "mood" has never transferred well into a compositional movie suite. Recently while attending this motion picture, it was apparant that much of the time, there was simply no music for many of the scenes; in other words long moments of sustained silence! It seemed destiny that this might be the first Harry Potter film without a movie suite to match. Ah, but now that the soundtrack has been released, and the score has been massaged, we have found a movie suite that may be the best of all the Harry Potter suites. Really!  So sorry Mr. Williams.  So sorry Mr. Doyle.  And so very sorry, Mr. Hooper. With a timing of 31:49, I do believe that you'll enjoy this one.  -MJ


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