Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Movie Suite

Ghost & Mrs. Muir, The Suite
Music by Bernard Herrmann

This classic movie suite hails from 1947, a time of great hope and promise. Praised as his most symphonic work to date, Mr. Herrmann confessed that this was his favorite work of all time. Constructed from a multitude of cues such as Pastoral and Nocturne, I was skeptical at first, but this composition builds ever so slightly as it progresses through the stages and as with so many other suites, it really grew on me. No, this is not bombastic, nor is it spectacular, but it is melodic and filled with emotion. With a timing of 22:36, I hope you enjoy this classic work of one of the great motion picture composers.  -MJ



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Bob said...

Great movie. Great music. Thanks.