Saturday, October 6, 2012

Charge of The Light Brigade, The Movie Suite (1936)

Charge of The Light Brigade, The Suite (1936)
Music by Max Steiner

Although this movie suite was derived from the re-recording of this magnificent score, not the original score, we are being treated to the what is arguably the best version available to us of this 1936 classic. With some intense main character themes as well as many action cues we can just sit back and listen to what has always been considered as Max Steiner's very best work. Whether it is the throes of a love scene or the building percussion cues that lead up to the actual charge of The Light Brigade, I can only say that if you've never heard this before, now is your chance to enjoy. With a timing of 44:44, have at it.  -MJ


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malony said...

Ah.. these early epics. Everything was 'Bigger and better", right down to the music. This era produced some truly magical scores. Many Thanks, indeed !!!