Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Total Recall 2012 Movie Suite

Total Recall 2012 Movie Suite
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams

This 2012 remake shares much with the original motion picture; plenty of action, futuristic landscapes and a thrilling storyline. As for the music, well, this is a synth-fest from start to finish, with very little orchestral cues or themes to hear. We are barraged by the pumping synthesizer and it seems as if it is rushing to the final note as quickly as possible. Oh well, that's what we are getting lately from many of the composers and Mr. Gregson-Williams probably did not want to be left out. If you really want to know, this is as good as what we get from Zimmer or Joblonsky with only a few twists or turns along the way. With a timing at 28:46, if you like synthesizer music, then you should enjoy this, but Goldsmith this is not!  -MJ



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