Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Blue Max Movie Suite

The Blue Max
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Although the snare drums and horns proclaim this to be music from a war-picture, when the lushly orchestrated strings sweep into the soundscape we are transported into the blue skies of wonder. If we take into consideration that this movie suite hails from way back in 1966, then we should cut Mr. Goldsmith some slack for composing rip roaring adventure music for a love story. Or is it lovey dovey music for an action adventure yarn? Oh well!  Whatever the movie is about (WWI dogfights in the air), this composition has a great mix of classic Goldsmith which many have hailed as his coming-of-age soundtrack for a composer. With a timing of 27:08 this classic should be in your library. I hope you enjoy.  -MJ


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