Monday, October 17, 2011

Aliens Movie Suite

Aliens Movie Suite
Music by James Horner

Nominated for an Academy Award in 1987, this is considered by very many as one of Mr. Horner's premier works. Starting out very slowly, we feel the vast expanse of outer space, that nagging feeling of the unknown. Cautiously building at a snails pace we are drawn in, our nerves tightening as we listen.  Finally after about six and a half minutes this movie suite really gets going. The orchestra responds well to the music, filling the soundstage with quick crescendos and tense repetition. It works wonderfully well before slowing down. As in any scary movie, there is a first ending to this movie suite, then suddenly there is the danger again and the music thunders on for a couple more minutes before leaving us exactly where we started.  Alone in outer space. With a timing of 29:05 this is one you should really enjoy.  -MJ



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